What can I write about that hasn’t already been written. That was my first thought when I started having these little feelings that I needed to make my voice heard. So why start a blog when so much of it has already been said, written, and heard?

Then I realized that there are billions of people in the world, and not one of them is alike! How amazing is that? Do you ever feel like I’m nobody special? There is no one out there that will listen to me? I do, all the time. And do you know why we feel that way? Because it’s the truth! There is NO ONE out there just like you! But EVERYONE has their own story, which makes EVERYONE special in their own unique way (people will listen to you).

I’m a wife, a mother, a step-mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and a photographer. I also have Bipolar Disorder and speak very openly about it.  If you ever need to reach out, I am here to listen and support.  I hope you will join me on my journey , as I seek for hope and joy in daily living.