and… I’m back

Well, sort of. Just wanted to pop in and say hello! It’s been a hot, messy minute hasn’t it? I’m grateful if you are still here, that you have stuck with me. Although this is not a full post/episode. I wanted to let you know that I am still here. Just been going through a bit of rough water in the past 6 months.

Isn’t that how it always goes? I had just reached the 50th episode of my podcast, Pointing toward Hope, and I wanted to take a few weeks off for the birth of my new granddaughter (my 6th grandchild, YAY!). And when I got home… life just hit and I’ve been going through a lot! More to come on that in the next few episodes/posts.

But for now I just wanted to pop on and say thanks for sticking around! One big announcement that I have is….drum roll please…….I have a new line of journals!!!! I have been doing so much journaling over the past six months and I was looking for a new journal. I couldn’t find one that I liked so I decided to create my own! So I did, and they can now be purchased on Amazon. More will be coming soon so keep an eye out!

I want you to know that I see you! God sees you and knows of your struggles and your challenges! Never have I known this more than I do now. Man oh man is He big God! We’ve got to stick together in these tough times and I am here for you!

XO Wendy

Author: Wendy Bertagnolli

Welcome to the pointing toward hope blog! I'm so glad that you found me. In this blog I share thoughts about my personal journey of living with Bipolar. I love sharing things that I hope will help you and others in their journey. But I am not defined by Bipolar. I am so much more. I'm a wife, a sister, a daughter, a mother, a grandmother a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and so much more! I hope you'll join me on this journey of finding joy in daily living. Though we may suffer daily with various ailments or situations, joy is possible. It's not elusive. We can point our compass toward hope. We can choose to live!

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